A Q&A With Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

How do find inspiration in your daily life? And what’s your most surprising source of inspiration?
I find inspiration in everyday objects around me. Food packaging, tile patterns, old rugs at a thrift store- anything can be a jumping off point for a project at home. I think my favorite unexpected source of design inspiration is floral design. I use the color palettes in great flower arrangements as inspiration for paint colors at home.

 What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?
I’m most excited for those moments after we open gifts and eat holiday meals. I spend all year looking forward to those conversations over the dinner table and around the fire catching up on what everyone’s been doing throughout the year. Those laughs and moments are better than any present.

What homemaking habit would you consider your biggest strength?
After moving around between 7 apartments in 11 years of living in Brooklyn, NY, I learned to live minimally. Cleaning and organizing are lot easier when you’re not sorting through piles of too many things. I keep as much as possible off of surfaces so I can do a quick clean every view days.

Which room in your home is your favorite?
I spend the most time in our living room, but our dining room is my favorite room. We have a 12 foot table that used to be my wife’s family’s Passover table. My favorite nights are those spent around the table talking with friends and sharing great food.

Share your best piece of no-nonsense advice with us.
Do the dishes and a quick 5 minutes of tidying before you go to bed. I only recently came around to this (I procrastinate most at nighttime) but now that I’ve gotten in the swing of things I’ve realized how much waking up to a clean house can set the tone of the rest of your day.

Please answer this sentence: On a cold winter day, I can be found…
Curled up on the couch with our pets and working away on my blog. It feels luxurious to be able to stay inside and work, rather than having to commute to an office in the city.

Why do you think there’s been a resurgence of interest in homemaking?
I think the online generation has translated more traditional magazine tips and advice into something more relatable and less driven by perfection. Blogs, Pinterest and social media celebrate do-it- yourself ideas that everyone can chip in and help with and it’s that simplicity that’s helped homemaking catch on with a wider and younger audience.

Speaking of homemaking, what’s the one household task you most love to do? And what’s the one you’re most likely to put off doing?
I am the queen of a power clean. Give me 30 minutes and I’ll give you a house that looks neat and clean. It’s the deep cleaning I avoid though. Cleaning corners, getting under the sofa- all those down and dirty details are my least favorite.

If you had unlimited time and budget, what would be your ultimate DIY project?
I’d love to create a focal point wall or hallway decorated entirely of leaves. I was really inspired by the leaf wall Ariele Alasko (a Brooklyn-based woodworker) made in her home and have wanted to recreate something similar with dried oak leaves in my own apartment.

Which Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day scent could you not live without?
Iowa Pine. My co-worker Max and I both collect it during the holiday season. Anything that reminds me of a forest makes me feel like my home is that much closer to nature.