Blanket Ladder from Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy

Simple storage or artful decor? How about both? Follow these steps to easily transform basic wooden dowels into a ladder that lets you store and display your blankets. And when it’s time to cozy up on the couch, you’ll know just where to find something to snuggle up with.

Materials & Tools

  • 4 Copper pressure tees - diameter 1”
  • 8 Wooden dowels, 1” diameter (example used two 30”, four 12”, two 6”, one 20”, one 19”, one 18”)
  • 4 Copper caps, 1” diameter
  • 2 Rubber floor protectors for feet
  • Wood glue
  • Blankets


  1. Start by sketching out your ladder. Decide on dimensions and choose the length of your dowels. Make sure the width of your dowels matches all openings in the copper pressure tees.
  2. Fit dowels into copper pieces, coating the ends of each dowel with wood glue to secure the ladder.
  3. Put rubber floor protectors on the bottom feet and lean against your wall. Then, layer blankets on top, combining textures, patterns and weights. Now wasn’t that easy?

Tips for inspiration: Paint or stain the wood before assembling the ladder, if you want a different look. Or use different metal for the tees and caps.

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