Cobweb Craft


Add some spooky sparkles to your home with this fun craft.


  • Plexiglass or wax paper
  • Glitter
  • White glue


STEP 1 On a piece of plexiglass or wax paper begin drawing a cobweb with white glue. Start with an asterisk (*) adding more diagonals and curved, connecting lines to create a web. Be careful not to touch glue bottle point to surface and make sure lines are nice and thick.

STEP 2 Once your cobweb is drawn in glue, sprinkle on black, orange or gold glitter. Make sure all glue is covered, then place in fridge to harden overnight.

STEP 3 Once hardened, gently peel cobweb away from the surface. Now you have a decorative cobweb to place under spooky treat bowls!