DIY Hanging Flower Garland

Who doesn’t love flowers, especially during springtime? But some are just too pretty to stay in the garden. Put some blooms in your home and on display with this eye-catching floral décor.


• Branch
• Scissors

• Flowers
• Greenery
• Twine


Using your scissors, trim each flower or piece of greenery leaving about an inch of stem. Then, cut your twine into sections about five feet long.


Tie a double knot around the top of each stem. Repeat fastening the other flowers with the twine in equal intervals of space from each other.


Trim any extraneous twigs or sprouts from your branch.


Tie the garland strands about five to six inches apart on the branch. Then, take another section of twine and use it to make a double knot on each end of the branch. Finally, hang and enjoy!