Give Mom a Mother's Day DIY

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts are as old at the holiday itself. But this year, instead of adding to Mom’s macaroni necklace collection, consider making her something beautiful for her home. With these impressively easy-to-make projects, for once it will be more than just the thought that counts.


This fun project gives new life to vintage lace doilies. Ask Mom before you use hers or pick some up at a thrift store. Then, all you need are a few supplies and a little time before your bowls are ready for gifting. For an extra treat, fill them up with chocolate or something else Mom loves.

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Mother’s Day breakfast in bed will be a little fancier with this embroidered pillowcase. Just take any plain pillowcase, a needle and some embroidery thread, then let your creativity go wild. Choose colors that match Mom’s bedroom décor for a truly personalized result.

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Potted plants make great gifts, as they’ll be around a lot longer than any bouquet. With this DIY hanging planter, you can add a handmade component to your handpicked gift. All you need is a long nylon cord and some scissors. We’ll show you how to knot it up to create a handy holder for Mom’s new plant.

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