How To Build A Raised Bed


Guest post by LaManda Joy*


To build a 4x8' bed you will need three untreated 2"x10"x8's. Cut one of them in half. You will also need four 4x4" pieces cut to 10". Using a 4" screw (you'll need 24 of them) you'll screw one 4x4" piece to the end of each long board using three screws. You'll then line up the half boards on the end and screw those into the 4x4" pieces as well. There you have your raised bed!


Now you'll need to place it in your sunny spot. If you place it on your lawn, put some cardboard on the bottom to kill the grass - it will biodegrade over time.


To fill a bed of these dimensions, you'll need 1 cubic yard of soil. Be sure to buy organic soil! Pour it into your raised bed and rake it out so it is even. Don't step in your raised bed! You want to keep your soil from getting compacted.


*LaManda Joy is an award-winning Master Gardener, author of the popular urban gardening blog "The Yarden", a Square Foot Gardening Certified Instructor and founder of The Peterson Garden Project, a community and edible garden education program in Chicago, Illinois. LaManda is a featured individual in our Grow Inspired Films Series, which celebrates folks whose generosity, hard work and connection with the outdoors inspires us every day.