How To Build Your Own Seed Screen


Guest post by Diane Ott Whealy*, photo courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange.

It is remarkable to think that all the heirloom seed we have today exists because our ancestors saved seeds. They did not have a degree in plant breeding or seed saving and they did not use fancy equipment to do so. When families passed seeds from generation to generation, the knowledge on how to save those seeds was also passed along. Saving seeds from the heirlooms in your garden is a great way to continue this tradition and become a more self-sufficient gardener. And by selecting and saving seeds from your healthiest fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs, you are encouraging vigorous, productive plants in the next generation. Build your own seed screen with the download below.


*Diane Ott Whealy is the Co-founder and Vice President of Seed Savers Exchange, a non-profit organization that seeks to maintain thousands of endangered heirloom seed varieties. It's headquartered on scenic 890-acre Heritage Farm near Decorah, Iowa.