How to Make a Pomander


Inspired by our Orange Clove scent, this craft is a festive and fragrant way to decorate your home.


  • Orange
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Cloves
  • Nail


STEP 1 Grab an orange and a thin nail and go about poking small holes in the orange skin. Make sure the holes are about double the size of the clove stems, since the orange will shrink to about half its original size as it dries.

STEP 2 When you are finished poking holes in the orange, stick a clove, one at a time, in each hole.

STEP 3 When all the holes are filled with cloves, temporarily tie a string around the orange, from the bottom to the top, with a loop at the top for hanging. (You might need a hand from a friend to keep the orange from rolling away!)

STEP 4 Hang your pomander carefully in a cool, dry place until the orange begins to shrink a bit. That should take about 3½ weeks. To check if your pomander is nice and dry, tap it with your knuckle–it should sound hollow and feel light.

STEP 5 Remove the string and replace it with a colored ribbon. Tie it in the same way–with a loop at the top for hanging. Your finished pomander will give off a warm and spicy scent for years to come!