Meet Lavender

Breathe Deep

For over 2,500 years, lavender oil has been used around the world as a fragrance in bath products and perfumes. Not only does lavender smell refreshing, it promotes relaxation and restfulness. This multi-faceted herb is popularly used to soothe headaches and is also handy in relieving joint and muscle pain.

Heavenly Healer

Lavender essential oil is a favorite among natural healers and aromatherapists for its many medicinal qualities. It has been used to treat irritating acne and reduce pesky wrinkles. Some even find it useful in calming minor sunburns and skin conditions like eczema.

Love Potion

It is believed that Cleopatra’s secret to love was lavender. From ancient Egypt through today, lavender has been associated with romance and calming “tremblings of the heart.” Its crisp, woody scent is believed to excite thoughts of love in those who smell it. According to myth, if you give a sprig of lavender to a loved one, they will reciprocate your feelings of romance upon smelling this delightful herb.

Unexpected Herb

Lavender is a unique and unexpected herb for the kitchen. Its buds contribute a floral and slightly sweet taste to roasted or baked goods. This versatile herb can also be used interchangeably with mint or sage and yields equally-delicious results.