Meet Lemon Verbena

Meet Lemon Verbena
Sweet Dreams

In ancient Greece, it was believed that crisp bunches of dried lemon verbena placed under your pillow would bring sweet dreams to you that night. Not only does lemon verbena let you sleep easy, some believe it enhances the mythical qualities of other herbs like rosemary, the herb of love and devotion.

Citrus Stand-In

For those of you meeting lemon verbena in the kitchen for the first time, add a dash of this robust herb to fish or poultry for a pleasant surprise. Commonly used in place of lemon juice, dishes infused with its citrusy zing are sure to impress the palette.


Lemon verbena is an age-old remedy used by herbalists and aromatherapists to relax the body and calm the mind. The refreshing aroma of lemon verbena also helps to liven the spirit, banish fatigue and heighten positive thinking.

Face Freshener

Looking less than perky? Lemon verbena can reduce puffiness and annoying dark circles around your eyes. Also, for a healthy and bright complexion some mix this dynamic herb with vinegar to create an all-natural skin toner.