Spring Cleaning Bucket List

Spring Cleaning Bucket List.
  1. See Clearly Clean your windows inside and out with Glass Cleaner. Use clean cloth to dry them. Replace storm windows with screens. Polish window and door hardware. 
  2. Look What’s Underfoot Vacuum the entire house, including baseboards, moldings and corners. Launder your area rugs and shampoo your carpets. You can rent a carpet cleaner from a local hardware or grocery store.
  3. Shine It Up Clean floors with vinegar and water or All-Purpose Cleaner diluted to ¼ cup cleaner, one gallon water. If you are feeling ambitious, wax floors.
  4. Be Safe, Not Sorry Make sure the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Check your fire extinguishers to make sure they work too.
  5. Be Friendly To Your Furniture Wipe down upholstery. Steam clean anything that’s deeply soiled.
  6. Take a Curtain Call Hang your drapes and blankets outside to air them out.
  7. Give Appliances Some TLC Clean the inside of the fridge and freezer with baking soda and water. Vacuum grates, vents and coils on your fridge, stove, air conditioner and furnace.
  8. Sleep On It Vacuum mattresses and box springs. Leave the windows open while the beds are bare to air them out. Wash pillows and down comforters.
  9. Just Let it Go Toss expired food, medications and makeup. Go through your closets; toss anything that’s stained or tattered and give away anything you haven’t worn all season. Store winter clothing to make room for spring and summer goods.
  10. Conquer the Great Outdoors Scrub outdoor furniture and hose down lighting fixtures, walkways, porch and deck floors and the driveway. Clean the gutters.


Like this list? It was adapted from our Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home Book. It's full of no-nonsense advice like this that will inspire you to clean like the dickens.