The Anatomy of Scent

A clean house should smell that way. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are aromatherapeutic, which is a big, fancy word for healthy, good-smelling and nice to use. What better place to bring well-being, than to your home? We use premium cosmetic-grade essential oils in our household cleaners. Along with a good smell, these essential oils actually help clean, too.

Garden-fresh scents for a clean and happy home has been foundational to us. Scent as a life-style expression has been well understood and practiced in a personal health and wellness for some time. It is also an undeniably powerful element to set a mood in your home.

A scent is a living, breathing thing that we experience regularly. It has the unique ability to grow, change and adapt to a person or space and affect the mood and feeling of that person or space, without ever being visible.

Fragrance can be frames by its anatomy of a top, middle, and base notes. It’s this unique combination that makes each scent so special.


essential oils in the fragrance blend


lightest most volatile and low molecular weight components-citrus, fruits


heavier weight, less volatile components –herbs, flowers


heaviest weight, most substantive ingredients –woods, resins, vanilla, musks

 Our aromatherapeutic fragrances are a proprietary combination of natural essential oils and synthetic ingredients formulated in compliance with IFRA/RIFM (International Fragrance Association and Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) guidelines for safety. We choose to include safe synthetic ingredients to insure consistency, performance and stability of our products throughout their shelf life. We find a much richer complement of fragrance notes when we open ourselves to ingredients inspired by nature and safety derived in a laboratory. Of course, our products do not contain phthalates or parabens.