Yarn Balloons


STEP ONE Make a mixture of glue and water in a bowl—aim for a consistency similar to paint.

STEP TWO Blow up a balloon about halfway, so it is 5” in diameter.

STEP THREE Dunk a few handfuls of yarn into the glue mixture. Try wrapping it around your hand first to avoid a tangled mess.

STEP FOUR Start wrapping the wet yarn around the balloon. There is no wrong way to wrap it! Dunk your yarn covered balloon in the glue mixture for ensured coverage. Give your balloon a gentle squeeze to remove any excess liquid.

STEP FIVE Let your yarn balloons dry overnight by hanging them, or setting them on wax paper. If they are still damp the next day, let them continue to dry until stiff. Once dry, pop the balloon! Pull the balloon scraps out and you will be left with a decorative yarn ball. String the balls like a garland, or use them to fill a decorative bowl.

TIP: Experiment with using multiple colors of yarn!

HOUSEHOLD HINT: Once done with your craft, clean up with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. Countertop Spray is great for tabletop messes. Simply spray and wipe clean. For floor messes, mix ¼ cup All Purpose Cleaner with a gallon of water and mop.